“I reached for something in my garage and instantly was dropped to my knees when my back went out on me. After a couple hours of excrutiating pain and lying on the floor, I was able to crawl back into the house and get to a phone to call my wife at work so she could come home and take me to the hospital. All they did for me is give me some pain medication and didn't fix the problem. Dr. Rosenlund worked on my back and relieved the issue that was causing me the pain in the first place. No more medicine, no more pain!”

                                                     - Brent Johns
                                                       Owner of PlanetXploration.com

"I went into Kuna Chiropractic in great pain and almost immediately, after Dr. Rosenlund adjusted me, I could feel the difference. I felt sooo much better !! :) Thanks"

                                                     - Delia Baldwin (Armed Forces)

"Dr. Rosenlund is the best Chiropractor bar none! He has helped me feel better in a short amount of time, sometimes after just one visit. He genuinely cares and understands every situation. He always knows what to do and how to make me feel better and help my pain go away. I trust him and highly
recommend him to everyone."

                                                 - Cindy Titus (homemaker)

"My back pain has decreased a lot since I've been going to Kuna Chiropractic - I have improved a lot more since I started Naturopath visits. I am able to do more activities that I use to enjoy doing."

                                                   - Angela Stoddard

"I came in for my appointment and felt immediately better!"

                                                   - Dolores Long

"I feel so much better since I came into Kuna Chiropractic."

                                                   - Pearl M Phillips

"Thanks for the last adjustment - I SURVIVED driving 3,000 miles and 14 grandkids!"

                                                 - Dianna Bendall

"In just three visits I feel 100% better. When I first came in I could not even turn without turning my
whole body. Now it's not a problem to do little things like bending over or even adjusting the
rearview mirror in my truck. Thanks Doc."

                                                 - Joe Lujan

"When I first came to Kuna Chiropractic, the first thing I noticed was how friendly the staff was, but my pain was so severe I could hardly move. The doctors had me on daily pain medications & injections and told me to try to "hang in there", then I heard about Dr. Rosenlund - who did a complete history of my health, and after having thoracic surgery & fibromyalgia (allegedly - just another pill to me on) he started working on me, and now after 1 1/2 weeks I am no longer on pain meds and I feel 110% better. I tell all my friends about Dr. Rosenlund and how much he has improved my quality, so greatly I can now clean more and enjoy playing with my children - running, jump roping, etc. I am so blessed to have him as my Chiropractor and that he Genuinely cares about all of his patients and really helps the areas that need addressed with your pain. I can't thank he or Maxine enough for all their kindness and great care I receive. He is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever had. I wouldn't change ever! You will really notice the difference. I trust him so much that when my 9 year old hurt her neck, he fixed it in 3 visits. And my headaches (from brain tumor) have decreased immensely. He is the best the Treasure Valley!"

                                               - Michelle Blackstone (homemaker)



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